The Guitars of Night Cars

January 28, 2019

2017 Gretsch Jim Dandy 'Vintage White' Parlour Guitar

This eye catching and very handy guitar first caught Jocelyne's eye at a Long & Mcquade store in Surrey BC.  It has since been equipped with a Fishman Neo D humbucking pick up and is essential to the Night Cars episodes recorded on the road.  Several of the early episodes were recorded in the driver's seat of Greg and Jocelyne's touring vehicle while on the Baby Jay Honeymoon Tour. 

Vintage 1961 Hofner 463 Guitar

A historic guitar model, Greg picked up this beautiful instrument from a gentleman in Burnaby BC in 2018.  The guitar is in great aesthetic and working condition for its age.  Built as an acoustic instrument, the hardware and pick guard are after market additions and there is debate on the ivory pearl pick guard (with Greg in favour).  In combination with a Vox tube amp, this guitar has the power to transport its player to the early 1960's Liverpool music scene with the likes of the Big Three and the Beatles.  This guitar has since been retired from regular Night Cars service but see and hear in action at Baby Jay shows and recordings.


2000 Cort NTL-20 Acoustic Guitar

The current primary Night Cars guitar, Greg arrived at it in a trade with his father-in-law for a Yamaha classical guitar to mutual gain and much satisfaction.  See Greg's upcoming performances to experience this guitar live and hear it frequently on the Night Cars podcast starting Episode 11.